Merry Christmas

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christmassign2editedI don't know how many times over the last year I have heard someone say, "This has been a year like none other". We agree, and we are excited because there are opportunities to lead eyes upwards like never before.

The faces of many people show the discouragement, frustration, anger and the deep sense of questioning that is in their lives. This makes for good soil to sow seed into during these uncertain times.

We all have desire to be a catalyst, not only for change, but for complete transformation. This transformation must be one that transforms the heart toward Christ.

signolaTogether we can compete with secular media for people's attention on the internet with digital ads, compelling videos and Godmercials®. Together we can reinforce our social media message with corresponding billboards that proclaim the gospel message. Please take a few minutes to watch our video titled "Signs" highlighting Manna's billboard campaign.

No one likes to ask for money, including us, but we have amazing opportunities to get in front of large numbers of people with the gospel in unique ways. Please prayerfully consider including Manna Media in your holiday and year end giving. You will make a difference!

We believe 2021 will be another year like no other in the lives of those who discover Christ.

You may watch Manna's Christmas 2020 video, part of our visual passage series.

Thank you for your consideration.
Merry Christmas

Dave and Faye Vander Veen
Manna Media
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The West Michigan Christian News desires to glorify God while providing global, national, and local news to the West Michigan community. The West Michigan Christian News is a non-denominational, Christ-centered, advertiser-supported monthly newspaper published in Grand Rapids, Michigan by Manna Media Inc. It is unabashedly biased in its Christian presentation of news and views. It is also dedicated to the promotion of Christian unity by focusing on the 95 percent of the Christian faith on which all Christians agree while refusing to get drawn into controversies about the 5 percent on which we might differ.

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