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Master Arts Theatre Remembers World War II

sanders225Master Arts Theatre, located at 75 77th St SW in Grand Rapids, is initiating a six season tribute to World War II and to thank all veterans who have fought for our nation. The tribute began on November 21 with the musical, “Sanders Family Christmas”.

The story takes place on Christmas Eve, 1941, just eighteen days after the bombing of Pearl Harbor.   The Sanders family is performing at Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church in North Carolina, just as they had done for the past several years. This year, however, is a little different. The country is in the midst of World War II and the family’s son, Dennis, will be leaving home to join the Marines in just a few days. The play is filled with laughter and song, but yet effectively expresses the deep emotions involved when a loved one goes off to war. The story also shows the concern the average citizen had knowing that the rationing of many items was imminent. But, as the playbill states, this musical is designed to “get your toes tapping, your voice singing, and your heart soaring in reminiscence and old-fashioned joy in the Lord.” The cast certainly accomplishes this goal with their talents and enthusiasm.

The mission of Master Arts Theatre goes beyond simply entertaining the audience. Their website states that their mission isTo positively impact West Michigan artists and audiences through community Theatre that is wholesome, enlightening, and enriching, guided by a Christian worldview.”

Their core values are listed as:

1. Christian Perspective.The Master in Master Arts is Christ. As an organization, we are explicitly committed to performance art that is glorifying to God. This influences the scripts we choose, the venues in which we perform, the classes that we offer, and the way in which we conduct all of our activities.
2. Quality Performance. Our standard of excellence is formed by our desire to honor our Creator and by the rigors of maintaining artistic credibility in the community. This standard affects every aspect of the artistic process--training, rehearsals, performances, and management.
3. A Nurturing Community. Both experienced and emerging artists are pro-actively encouraged and supported in the development of their talents. An inclusive, community atmosphere guides our training and production activities.
4. Church and Community. Master Arts seeks to be a bridge between the arts and the church, providing training, resources, and expertise in drama. We partner with other organizations and ministry efforts in the area.

The “Sanders Family Christmas” runs through December 14. To order tickets or to learn more about Master Arts Theatre, visit their website at http://www.masterarts.org/index.html or call them at (616) 453-1001.

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